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Phase 1 – Extraction

Team must acquire a software designer from his current employers and deliver him to their employer.

Phase 2 – Procurement

Team must acquire a copy of the software the designer was working on.

Phase 3 – Cooperation

Team must acquire the programmer’s family from CorpSec and deliver them to him for their employer.

Phase 4 – Acquisition

Team must acquire the cyberware that the programmer was designing his software for.

Phase 5 – Salvage

Team is sent to acquire the bioware that is the second half of the design.

Phase 6 – Infiltration

Team must find a way to get onto the island that is protected by elite Corp forces.

Phase 7 – Evasion

The team must get away with the information they have acquired on the island.

Main Page

Shadowrun 5e: inGen Operations DM_Wuulfy